It can be difficult to keep up with digital marketing trends as the technology and corporation changes so fast. In addition, there are many working steps to a successful digital marketing strategy- so it’s a real challenge to keep up with every outlook. 

The Covid-19 pandemic transformed the way B2B and B2C companies across sectors operated as people went online to research, review, select and purchase. This modification had a vast impact on the digital marketing sector but just as marketing teams turned to meet the virtual demand, the reopening of societies saw collapse in web traffic and online marketing. To help marketers  navigate this new prospect, we discussed with leading industry experts to identify key trends in 2022. 


Social Commerce Will Become flawless

During Covid-19, brands shifted to Instagram, YouTube and to other social media platforms to offer clients online shops to replace their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

2022 is all set to see the experience of social shopping advance as platforms work behind the scenes to make sure client payments create a flawless client experience.

It’s no longer enough to rely on one great image, firms need to have multiple images and add keyword-rich descriptions. Video is also crucial as the popularity of the format is exploding across all audiences.  

Explosion of YouTube Advertising

“YouTube is going to explode in terms of investment from advertising in 2022″.

The scope for growth is absolutely huge, it’s still super cheap for CPVs and the big brands aren’t there, or not doing it really well which means that everyone can save a competitive advantage by having a smart YouTube advertising strategy.


Artificial Intelligence Will Hamper & Help Data Privacy

Due to Artificial Intelligence (AI), data is being gathered about people without their knowledge through search engine algorithms. With advancement of AI, it increases the ability to collect personal information and interfere with people’s privacy.

However, there are opportunities to use AI in a way that can secure privacy. Companies can use AI in their data privacy techniques to classify sensitive data and use it to search data to identify individuals. 

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) Will be used by Brands

Blockchain technology has seen its fair share of censurers. As a technology that stores data(peer-to-peer networks), it has been linked with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The magic maker, Disney is now hiring megaverse experts to connect the physical and digital worlds more closely. This will allow for storytelling without boundaries in a Disney megaverse. Moreover, Adidas and Prada are casting an art project to permit artists to contribute to a tiled canvas that will be made into an NFT.


The Power is With the Consumer

Just as workers feel they have more options in making their career, consumer’s behaviors have also changed as a result of social media and the coronavirus pandemic. 

It permitted people to sit behind and reflect on their possibilities and choices. 

The Importance of Having Conversations

With the drastic change everywhere in the world,  consumers are craving for information. They want answers to their questions which they are comfortable in finding in online space. This crave for answers has seen conversational marketing blow up as a way to attract clients.


Creating Answer-Based Content

Google is becoming less of a search engine, more of an answer engine; so understanding your customers, answering their individual questions is important.

These are some points to be focused on:

• Revisit your buyer personalities

• Use devices to find common questions 

• Conduct audience research 

• Create an FAQ Blueprint

• Create relevant content 

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