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WordPress is an open source CMS system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL database. Characteristics include a plugin construction and a template system, depicted within WordPress as themes. It was created as a blog- publishing system but has advanced to support other web content types comprising more traditional mailing lists, media galleries, membership websites, and computerized stores. One of the best popular Content Management System solutions in use is WordPress. It reserves content and allows a user to make and publish web pages, preferably nothing apart from a domain and a hosting service. WordPress users install and transfer amid different themes. Aidigitek permits different themes to users to change functionality and visibility of a website without modifying the core content. Our rooted themes are familiar to customize with a continuous and enduring editor. You only have to specify your industry and our professionals will provide a convenient site. Except different themes, Aidigitek also helps you find lots of open-source plugins to modify visibility and functions of your website:

  • Easy installation and extensible
  • Malware detection and removal
  • Inbuilt speed and performance
  • Daily backups 
  • Managed and self-regulating tasks
  • Existing site migration

Our ultimate consultant will cover every basic step of developing your own WordPress website as well as a list of techniques to remember while working. To make your website more attractive and user-friendly, our service provides some of the below mentioned features:

  • Concentration on the basics 
  • Develop a good user experience
  • Keep your toolbar organized
  • Back up your website regularly
  • Security assuring
  • Experts assistance on blog posts

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