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It's a simple query, but given the blurring lines between mobile apps, mobile-compatible or responsive apps, and websites, it bears a quick response.

An application software created expressly for use on smartphones and tablets is known as a mobile app. Mobile applications are made to function on the iOS  (iPhone) and Android operating systems since these devices operate on distinct operating systems (OS) from laptops & desktop computers.

A typical mobile application uses a network connection to interact with remote computing resources. Mobile app development refers to the process of developing software applications that operate on mobile devices.

As a result, the mobile development process entails building installable software packages (code, binaries, assets, etc.), setting up backend services like data access through an API, & testing the app on target devices.


In the market for contemporary smartphones, there are two main platforms.

  • IOS platform (Apple Inc.): The widely used iPhone smartphone series is run by Apple's iOS platform.
  • Android (Google): Many other OEMs, in addition to Google, also utilize the Android operating system to create their own smartphones & other smart devices.

While creating applications for these two platforms has certain similarities, creating apps for iOS and Android requires separate software development kits (SDKs) & development toolchains. While Apple only utilizes iOS for its personal devices, Google makes Android open to other businesses as long as they adhere to certain conditions, such as shipping devices with specified Google applications. Using both platforms, developers may create apps for hundreds of thousands of devices. 


When developing mobile applications, there are four main ways.

  • Native mobile apps: These operate directly on the device's operating system, such as iOS or Android, and are created in the programming language and frameworks given by the platform owner.
  • Cross-Platform Native Mobile Apps: Cross-platform native mobile applications are compiled into native applications that run directly on the device's operating system. They can be built in a variety of programming languages and frameworks.
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps: Hybrid mobile apps are packaged as app installation packages and developed using common web technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. In contrast to native applications, hybrid apps operate on a "web container" that offers a browser runtime as well as a bridge for native device APIs using Apache Cordova.
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA): By avoiding app store distribution and installation, PWAs provide an alternate method to standard mobile app development. PWAs are web apps that leverage various browser features to give an "app-like" user experience, such as functioning offline, running a background process, and putting a link to the device's home screen.


Key Learnings

  • Applications created exclusively for mobile devices are known as mobile apps.
  • Marketers may use mobile applications to manage content, distribute information, promote e-commerce, or offer services.
  • The typical marketer may use modern tools to drag, drop, & deliver a simple app.
  • Not all businesses require an app. Your company may instead concentrate on creating mobile web experiences that resemble apps.
  • Making a speedy and great experience is the largest difficulty in mobile app development. While speed is essential, the experience must also be memorable and practical.
  • Progressive web applications, which can be used on both desktop & mobile devices without compromising the app's fun and engagement, are becoming increasingly popular among developers today.


Mobile application development is the technique by which an app is developed. Applications can be pre-installed during the creation of platforms. With micro-processing automation, you will be able to run mobile applications on different programs.

The figures are influential for those who seek to develop an app. With the expanding number of posts in the mobile app development industry, it is important for the approach to be distinct and understood by everyone, including entrepreneurs, startups, and mainly developers.

Our service provides the best assistance to build mobile apps quickly, from understanding the requirements to testing the products. Designing flawless and inherent mobile applications that provide the best experience is what our Aidigitek team professionals at.

We plan and develop all applications depending on your business and client requirements. Aidigitek experts in mobile app development synchronize with the UX and UI design group to bring the best user involvement while offering magnificent interfaces to clients.

Our mobile app designs ensure a smooth, simple, and aesthetic flow with the latest industry trends and technologies exploration along with tried and proven techniques.




  • Enhanced Efficiency: Since business applications are made specifically with your company's needs in mind, they handle a variety of tasks as one complete app eliminating the need for several apps. Additionally, because these applications are made to fit your working style, employee productivity is increased, which boosts corporate ROI.
  • High Scalability is Available: Standard apps are designed to manage a small number of resources & processes. These apps might not be able to withstand the strain if your business were to expand. On the other hand, custom apps are created with all these factors in mind and can be scaled up as the need arises.
  • Protects Your App Data: Generic business applications could or might not have specific security measures, putting your company's data in danger. Having a bespoke app created just for your company will strengthen your data security system since, throughout app creation, pertinent security precautions will be taken into account in accordance with your company's demands.
  • Incorporates With Existing Software: General business applications may work seamlessly with your current software. Customized applications are created concerning the existing business software you are using, ensuring seamless integration and error-free operation.
  • Simple to Maintain: By relying on standard applications for your day-to-day operations, you put yourself in the hands of an unreliable mobile app developer. You will need to locate a new app and stop using your present one if the developer stops supporting the app for whatever reason. You may have total control over your own unique business app and eliminate all reliance on third parties.
  • Enhances Customer Relationship: Customized business applications let you instantly provide real-time customized updates about your goods and services to existing clients. It also gives you access to client information and comments, which you may use to strengthen enduring client connections.
  • Retrieval of New Customer Data is Simplified: You may collect client data by including straightforward questionnaires and surveys in your customized mobile application. In addition to being a stealthy method of gathering data, it also saves clients and staff members time because they don't need to submit the paperwork physically.
  • Real-time project access: Having simple access to your relevant documentation anywhere is really helpful. With a tailored app for your company, you can quickly connect your phone and PC and access all your work-related files, tasks, calendars, etc. Additionally, with customized business applications, obtaining contracts and brochures that may be shared with your customers is simple.
  • Ease of Project Management: You may download custom apps to monitor the status and deadlines of your projects in real time. The project's billing cycle may be maintained by sending updates following the completion of each step.
  • Create Digital Files for Accountability: You may quickly record phone dictation of ideas and thoughts linked to your consumer. Only authorized personnel will subsequently be able to view these recordings, which may then be saved immediately in safe places. This can enhance accountability while also enhancing customer service.
  • Stand out from the competition: Offering mobile app services will help your company stand out from the crowd. When your competitors figure it out, presumably by then, you've successfully managed customer engagement & developed a devoted customer base.
  • Promote client loyalty: Your chances of success are increased the more you consider the comfort and needs of your consumers. The more customers interact with your company and brand, the higher the incentives they receive. The secret is to remain accessible so that many touch points may meet their demands.
  • Services and payment methods: Mobile applications have diverse characteristics that complement different businesses in terms of services and payment methods. Today, making payments through mobile devices has become increasingly common. Different payment methods may be integrated into mobile apps by both small and large enterprises, offering their platforms as user-friendly, quick, and safe.


Aidigitek has positioned itself well above all other competitors in the industry thanks to its focus on addressing the specific requirements for multi-platform development & its presentation of the multiple talents required to create value-adding mobile applications. Our team of skilled mobile developers helps our clients overcome the obstacles posed by the expansion of the competition and create the mobile app of their desires. Contact us for further information.

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