The 8th of May is celebrated as a day for the women who raised us, dedicated their lives to us, they are strong and selfless, affectionate and protective sometimes possessive. It is like being a mother is one of the toughest, most gratifying jobs. But it’s not enough to acknowledge all their hard work and sacrifices for our safety, happiness in one day. Sometimes, we don’t even notice what they do for us. So the slightest we can do is honor them whenever we get the opportunity. Hence, today’s blog is devoted to every mother! We wish them HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and hope they’ll have the best days with their loved ones filled with love and joy!

To every mother who spent their night awake by her sick child for nursing them and taking care, to every mother who always anxious about their family’s safety and security, to every mother doing the best they can do to make their children happy.

To every mother who give extra hours on job in order to provide everything their children needs, to every mother supporting and having their back with their children in every decision they make and always encourage them to be the best version of ownselves.

To every mother who raised a child alone, or who became one without a baby, to every mother who left us, but still remain in our hearts. You are our home, our precious ones, we’re nothing without you.

You are the light that guides us through the gloom, the love that fills our hearts, the beauty that the world desires. No matter what happens, your smile is what helps us get through every problem that we’re facing. We would do anything to protect this smile and will always cherish you.

Mother’s Sacrifice!

Here, I am writing about that one woman who sacrifices her entire life for others without any guilt, any regret; she is one who gave you birth ” Mother”, beautiful, powerful, energetic, selfless person given by God. Every family is incomplete without this one woman who tie everyone together and create a family.

Mother is filled with unconditional love, she cannot be described in words. Her love encounters through all, nothing can be compared with her love. The moment a woman becomes a mother, beside giving birth to a child she also experience new life. She sacrifices her life, dreams, enjoyment; along with this she hides her emotions and always remains strong.

She is her child’s shadow and also stands as a rock between her child and any trouble. She tries to hide things that will make us feel sad, shows us the only beautiful universe. She tries to do every possible thing she can, cooks food with all love and serves happily. If food is not sufficient she will serve to all family members and won’t keep it for herself. No one can ever conclude the daily sacrifices she made for her children and family.

Mother’s Day

Every mother is a role model for their family, because with young kids at home, she built a successful and inspiring career, spent sufficient time with their family. On this Mother’s Day, I’m more excited than ever to celebrate mother’s day with my whole family and convey our love to her and how much she means to us. Here are some points that every mom will definitely like:

Personalized Photo Book:

Capture dozens of photos each week of your family and friends, and share them, make hard copies as memories. I know that these photos will bring daily bursts of joy whenever you see it but on Mother’s Day, try to create a more unique photo display by selecting the best photos that featured your mother in her different roles and create a hardcover photo book. She will definitely love it, and will be delighted to see it everytime.

Outstanding “Us” Day:

When all of us were growing up, we had so much “us” time whether we were shopping, going for walks, or whatever we’re doing. Now, life is so busy, and we hardly get time to spend with our family. The best part of life is to spend time together with your mother and family, and having uninterrupted heart to hearts conversations.

Eating Together:

Every mother says that she’s never happier than when her family are gathered around her in dining room table. So, on Mother’s Day, always gift her with exactly what she want, a perfect meal time together. For a mother, perfect meal time together is “little slices of heaven,” and there’s no better option to give her that.

Flowers, Clothing, or any aesthetic gift:

Sadly, it isn’t possible everytime to be together to celebrate Mother’s Day specially when you’re leaving a miles ago from your loved ones. So, it is better to send gifts and greetings, cards and favourite flowers or other things that will make your mom and your loved ones feel great. She always love receiving something she like, and especially appreciate the thought that we put into each and every gift.

Aidigitek wishes Happy mother’s day to all of amazing and hard working women. You deserve everything what’s beautiful in life!